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Re: stupid question about patching push / countdowns

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: Re: stupid question about patching push / countdowns
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 07:18:24 -0700
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On 11-11-23 06:47 AM, Adam Spiers wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry - it only recently dawned on me that I'm probably responsible
for pushing my patches which I think have now already been reviewed
and approved.

I've read the CG and tried to understand the exact process, but as
previously noted on this list, the CG is not entirely complete and
up-to-date so I thought I should check here first.  Am I right in
guessing that the Patch-push label indicates that the review process
is complete and that the patch should be pushed by the developer /
patch helper / frog-meister as appropriate?  In which case I should
push to the dev/staging branch myself?

Exactly so, Adam. I'm wondering if your ears were burning, as I noticed last night that there were some patches on patch-push for quite a while. Yes, please push or arrange to have pushed, anything of yours which has that status.

I'm also a bit unclear on how the countdown process works and what it
achieves.  I see that issues sometimes have the "Patch-countdown"
label replaced with the "Patch-push" label - what does that signify?

As patches are posted on Rietveld, James (ATM) will test them by applying to current git. If the build doesn't go up in flames, the patch status is changed from patch-new to patch-review, and developers are encouraged to examine the proposed patch, offering comments and suggestions. Several times a week, at present Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, I scan the list of patch-review items, checking the discussion on the tracker and also on the associated Rietveld item. If there is either an apparent concensus or at least no negative comment, I add it to the countdown scheduled for 48 (72) hours later. This is a sort of "last chance" request for review by developers. When the countdown expires, the patch has first, been applied to current git, and second, has not been actively rejected by developers, so it is considered ready for pushing. Note that this doesn't mean that the patch has any merit, nor that it won't say nasty things about your grandmother, only that no developer objected. When I set the status to "patch-push", the owner should then push to staging, close the Reitveld issue (only the owner can do so), post the committish on the tracker issue, and mark the tracker status as fixed and add a tag "fixed_2_15_20" as appropriate.

The following sections need to be updated:

I could perhaps find time for this if I knew answers to the above.


Patches accepted gratefully, Adam, and should probably go through the review process.


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You need to be able to throw something back.
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