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Re: Most popular French users request : bar numbering of alternatives

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Most popular French users request : bar numbering of alternatives
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 02:19:35 +0100


2011/11/28 Alexander Kobel <address@hidden>
On 2011-11-28 09:44, Colin Hall wrote:

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 01:04:06AM +0100, Xavier Scheuer wrote:
Dear LilyPond developers,

Dear Bug Squad members, could you add this enhancement request to
the tracker?  Thanks!

This is by far the most popular enhancement request from the French
users mailing list: Bar numbering of repeat volta _alternatives_.

Currently LilyPond counts the measures of each "alternative" as
normal, unrepeated, measures hence incrementing the currentBarNumber
in both alternative "1." and "2.".  Several references supports what is
actually asked by many users: bar numbering of alternatives should not
be counted twice.

Thanks, Xavier. Added to the tracker as issue 2059:

Looks like a duplicate of
with some additional links...


lilypond-user mailing list

some helpful definitions: addtobarnumber by Jakob Lund
and altBarNumber (can't rmember where I found it)

\version "2.15.20"

#(define (alt-bar-number BarNumber)
        "Append a to the bar number."
        (let* (
                ; Set barNumber to the current value
                (barNumber (ly:grob-property BarNumber 'text))
                ; Append "a" to it
                (bisBarNumber (string-append barNumber "a" )))
            ; Store the new value back
            (ly:grob-set-property! BarNumber 'text bisBarNumber))
            ; and print it
            (ly:text-interface::print BarNumber))
altBarNumber = \once \override Score.BarNumber #'stencil = #alt-bar-number

addtobarnumber = #(define-music-function (P L m) (integer?)
  #(lambda (voice)
    (let ((staff (ly:context-property-where-defined voice 'currentBarNumber))
          (n (ly:context-property voice 'currentBarNumber)))
    (ly:context-set-property! staff 'currentBarNumber
    ;; with "2.14.2" use:
    ;;  (+ $m n)
     (+ m n)

%----- test

\relative c' {
 \override Score.BarNumber #'break-visibility = #'#(#t #t #t)
 \repeat volta 2 {
   c1 | 
   c1 | 
   c1 | 
 \alternative {
     c1 |
   { \addtobarnumber #-1
     c1 | 
 c1 |
 c1 |


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