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Re: 2.12.21 regtests

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: 2.12.21 regtests
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 15:40:23 +0100

Le Dec 9, 2011 à 3:19 PM, David Kastrup a écrit :

> The changes you are doing operate in the pure spacing domain, yet they
> don't get accounted for in line breaking.  Right or wrong?

All of the pure-from-neighbor changes take place before line breaking happens.  
They change the distances of the springs, and thus they are taken into account 
in line breaking.

> So your local improvements in horizontal spacing are done at the cost of
> suboptimal spacing distributed over the whole line.  Right or wrong?

I still don't see what you mean - could you give me a .ly example of what this 
would look like?

> The larger the local improvements are, the larger the line-wide
> detriments become.  Right or wrong?

Here is an example with huge local improvements.  The first is default 
behavior, the second recreates behavior from before the pure-from-neighbor 

  \repeat unfold 3 {
    \time 3/4 <cis'''' c''''! dis'''' d''''! eis'''' e''''!> g' g'
    \time 4/4 <cis'''' c''''! dis'''' d''''! eis'''' e''''!> g' g' g'

  \override Staff . TimeSignature #'extra-spacing-height = #'(0 . 0)
  \repeat unfold 3 {
    \time 3/4 <cis'''' c''''! dis'''' d''''! eis'''' e''''!> g' g'
    \time 4/4 <cis'''' c''''! dis'''' d''''! eis'''' e''''!> g' g' g'

This is a large local improvement, but I don't see how it leads to detriments 
on the whole.

> If you manage really large local improvements in a complex piece by
> being able to tuck a lot of material nicely, the filling of the line
> will become quite suboptimal.
> That's the "worse overall".  The more local improvements you do
> bypassing the global optimization, the further the whole-line results
> become from being optimal.  More often than not, the local improvements
> will be better than the global detriment, but the global detriment is
> not necessary if you manage to cast the local improvements in a form
> where they don't bypass the global optimization.

I fail to see how this bypasses the global optimization.  Global optimization 
takes place in when the spring and rod problems are 
solved.  All of these things happen after the pure heights are calculated.  
Where is the bypass?


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