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Re: patch ping

From: Benkő Pál
Subject: Re: patch ping
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 22:23:25 +0100

2011/12/15 Graham Percival <address@hidden>:
> On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 09:47:28PM +0100, Benkő Pál wrote:
>> I haven't got any reaction whatsoever since three weeks:
>> did I miss something?
> You've missed this:
> I've manually added an issue for this particular issue, so don't
> worry about that one.  But if you have anything else, please add
> new issues (in the tracker, as well as your rietveld issue) for
> them.
> My fork of git-cl takes care of this automatically for you.

thanks, updated my git-cl.

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