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Re: Patchy email

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Patchy email
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 09:07:44 +0100
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address@hidden writes:

> Begin LilyPond compile, commit:
> 1665810dee903c597ecafdbf64461899141165f4git 
> *** FAILED STEP ***
>       merge from staging
>       maybe somebody pushed a commit directly to master?

address@hidden:/usr/local/tmp/lilypond$ git fetch
address@hidden:/usr/local/tmp/lilypond$ git log origin/staging..origin

Nope.  Stuck lockfile?

git log --oneline --decorate origin/staging


3f83446 (origin/staging) Web: remove web/ in some pathnames.
a1e0cff Release: bump version.
c44c49f Merge branch 'release/unstable' into staging
c658e54 sed -i 's/PARSER/parser/g' lily/parser.yy
f3686ac (tag: release/2.15.23-1, origin/release/unstable) Release: update news.
d68aac0 Tie LilyPond, lexer and parser together more type-safely.
d82eb99 Adds Beam_collision_engraver to the Score context.
f3a43f0 Doc: Usage added note for Windows Users
aa6e1d7 Adds 0.5 of extra-spacing-width to either side of ChordName.
c7e244e Shows Flags in tabFullNotation
f4b2d8d page-layout-problem: break staff-affinity between systems
5ab0ada Fix beamlet pointing wrong way when tuplet 16th beamed with 8th (issue 2
e8038c8 Allow string numbers to have #f stencil without programming error (Issue
ab8c075 Regtest script: Add the prefix to the filename (e.g. input/regression).
a6e98c1 Regtest script: Output an header row at every change of directory.
d518d8d Regtest script: When filtering through js, don't filter out header rows.
cd5566e Regtest script: Allow to customize the length of shortened strings.
dec9be6 Build: Fix dependencies for translated manuals (issue 2125).
229e028 Build: Fix txt-to-html dependencies.
a544573 Build: Unify the rule for bib files.
01d0af4 Build: Unify the rules and variables for xref-map files.
3c7c453 Build: Update timestamp when linking files.
2525b18 Build: Fix a typo.
e6bdc5b Build: Dependencies for make website (issue 2027).
1b98754 Build: Fix a typo.
52c9d2f Build: Version dependency for python modules (issue 1726).
3c46876 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) Doc: NR Added @knownissue for clashing note
976eb20 Doc: Two doc improvements for LP CLI in Usage
5405ea0 CG: Typos in "Programming work" section.
7e69327 CG: Typos in "Regression tests" section.
d1b269c : Wrap arguments with double quotes and clarify a comment.
86c0609 Output a newline by default at the end of progress messages.
2941f97 Remove inacurate warning and .aux file left over by lilypond-book.
1665810 Removes valgrind.h declaration from

so staging is nicely before master and quite a bit before the commit you
complain about.  Looks rather like the update of your repository had

David Kastrup

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