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Re: Regression tests don't run

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Regression tests don't run
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 05:49:30 +0000
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On 12/27/11 8:20 PM, "Aleksandr Andreev" <address@hidden>

>Hello folks,
>I've downloaded the latest Lilypond source from git onto a different
>computer than I was using before. This computer is running Ubuntu
>I was trying to test out some things for the Kievan notation project,
>and to do that I wanted to build everything (including the
>documentation) from scratch.
>Now I'm trying to compile the source (just the source that came from
>git pull, without any modifications). Configure and make work fine,
>but make doc fails. Running make test reveals that the regression
>tests fail.
>Here's the results of make test:
>command failed: /home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/out/bin/lilypond -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/input/regression/ -I ./out-test -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/input -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/snippets -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/input/regression/ -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/included/ -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/mf/out/ -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/mf/out/ -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/pictures -I
>-dbackend=eps --formats=ps  -dseparate-log-files -dinclude-eps-fonts
>-dgs-load-lily-fonts --header=texidoc -I
>/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/included/ -ddump-profile
>-dcheck-internal-types -ddump-signatures -danti-alias-factor=1 -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/out/lybook-testdb"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/input/regression"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/input/regression"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/input/regression/out-test"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/input"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/snippets"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/input/regression"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/included"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/mf/out"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/build/mf/out"  -I
>"/home/sasha/lilypond-git/Documentation/pictures"  -I
>--formats=eps  -deps-box-padding=3.000000  -dread-file-list
>Child returned 137
>Error ignored by lilylib
>Error trapped by lilypond-book
>Please see 
>make[2]: *** [out-test/collated-files.texi] Error 1
>make[2]: Leaving directory
>make[1]: *** [local-test] Error 2
>make[1]: Leaving directory
>make: *** [test] Error 2

Look at the log file that it tells you to look at.  This should identify
the file that failed and the error message from the file.  It will be one
of the files listed in snippet-names--1722*.ly.

It will also give you a chance to try the command that led to the failure
to see if it behaves the same when not part of make.



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