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Re: Don't wrap EventChord around rhythmic events by default. (issue 5440

From: dak
Subject: Re: Don't wrap EventChord around rhythmic events by default. (issue 5440084)
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:58:13 +0000

On 2012/01/20 17:33:44, dak wrote:
mailto:address@hidden writes:

> Hi David,
> Should I wait for a new patch or can I test using the latest one
> I've tried it out briefly on a real music example, and have a
> with identifiers:
> foo = \mark \default
> \relative c' {
>  \foo
>   c1
> }

You have the newest.  The problem is the definition of ly:event? (for
recognizing postevents).  It is currently (in lily/
defined as the equivalent of
(define (ly:event? m)
         (and (ly:music? m)
              (ly:is-music-of-type? m 'event)
              (not (ly:is-music-of-type? m 'rhythmic-event))))

That seemed to be more or less right.  Apparently you found a "less
right" case.


define-music-display-methods has a rather crude post-event? definition
but I am not all too sure whether it is early enough in the load-order.

I think I will go the tiresome way of explicitly putting post-event into
the types of each suitable music event.  That puts the information to an
obvious place, and it does not look like the current event types
discriminate correctly.

And either post-event? or ly:event? should eventually be eradicated.

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