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Re: Errors in examples

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Errors in examples
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 19:07:58 +0100
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"Phil Holmes" <address@hidden> writes:

>> No.  The real problem is that \voiceOne and/or \voiceTwo do not take
>> hold for some reason.  If they did, the example would just work fine.
>> Probably something grace-related.
>> Please let us find and fix the real problem instead of meddling with its
>> symptoms.
> Good point - well spotted.  I'll have another look tomorrow.

In a nutshell:

\relative c'' { \voiceOne
                \grace { c16 } \repeat unfold 16 c

does not work.  Even more annoyingly, not even

\context Voice \with \settingsFrom \voiceOne
\relative c'' {
                \grace { c16 } \repeat unfold 16 c

works.  And not even

\relative c'' {
                \grace { c16 } \repeat unfold 16 c

\layout {
  \context {
    \settingsFrom \voiceOne

which should also cover implicitly generated voices has a chance to get
its settings through to _any_ note.  There is something very rotten
going on here.

David Kastrup

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