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Re: GSoC rendering improvements

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: GSoC rendering improvements
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 15:47:04 +0200

On Apr 4, 2012, at 6:35 AM, Corey F wrote:

Hi all,

I'd be interested in working on either of two projects suggested for Google Summer of Code, most likely "Improve beaming" but perhaps instead "Improve slurs and ties".

Though LilyPond isn't currently my notation tool of choice, I believe I do have an exacting aesthetic sense that would be useful to these projects, and I have a solid background in C++ from school.

I don't currently have further specific ideas beyond the outline given on the LilyPond website, but any insights into these projects, and how I should best form a GSoC proposal, would definitely be welcome.


Hey Corey,

You can check out Janek's proposal for ideas on how to put one together concerning Lilypond:

Improving beaming is one of my areas of development and it is a royal pain.  Most of the methods controlling beam endpoints are in in the LilyPond source.  I'd first formulate the problem in aesthetic terms (i.e. "The literature shows that beams usually do X, whereas LilyPond currently does Y") and then read to see why lilypond does Y and what types of modifications would be necessary to arrive at X.


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