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Denemo gub status

From: Jeremiah Benham
Subject: Denemo gub status
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 16:19:03 -0500
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I ran across a snag with gub trying to compile evince (one of denemo's dependencies) and am not sure how to proceed. Here is the error:
 *** Stage: configure (evince, mingw)
Command barfed: cd /home/jjbenham/src/gub/target/mingw/build/evince-2.32.0 && chmod +x /home/jjbenham/src/gub/target/mingw/src/evince-2.32.0/configure && sh /home/jjbenham/src/gub/target/mingw/src/evince-2.32.0/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --enable-static --disable-silent-rules --without-libgnome --without-gconf --without-keyring --with-platform=win32 --disable-help --disable-thumbnailer --disable-nautilus --disable-dbus --disable-gtk-doc

Tail of target/mingw/log/evince.log >>>>>>>>
checking for intltool >= 0.35.0... /home/jjbenham/src/gub/target/mingw/src/evince-2.32.0/configure: line 16979: intltool-update: command not found
configure: error: Your intltool is too old. You need intltool 0.35.0 or later.

If I run:
target/mingw/root/usr/bin/intltool-update --version

it returns:
intltool-update (intltool) 0.40.5
Written by Kenneth Christiansen, Maciej Stachowiak, and Darin Adler. etc...

Here is my Is there something I need to put in here so it it sees intltool-update in my path?

from gub import target
from gub import tools

class Evince (target.AutoBuild):
source = ''
  dependencies = ['intltool']
  configure_flags = (tools.AutoBuild.configure_flags
                           #+ ' --with-libintl-prefix=%(system_prefix)s'
                           + '  --without-libgnome'
                           + '  --without-gconf'
                           + '  --without-keyring'
                           + '  --with-platform=win32'
                           + '  --disable-help'
                           + '  --disable-thumbnailer'
                           + '  --disable-nautilus'
                           + '  --disable-dbus'
                           + '  --disable-gtk-doc')


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