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Re: 30 day webathon for kickstarter support (issue 6068045)

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: 30 day webathon for kickstarter support (issue 6068045)
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 16:40:08 +0200
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> Hey all,
> My ensemble is launching a Kickstarter project in a day or two to
> support our tour in France and Ireland.
> We have a sweet plug in the project video for GNU LilyPond and I was
> wondering if I could strike up a partnership with LilyPond to put a link
> to the project on the LilyPond front page for the duration of the
> Kickstarter fundraising drive (30 days).

I probably should be the last person to complain, but I would consider
that inappropriate.  The benefit for LilyPond is rather indirect:
basically every publisher or composer or user using LilyPond would have
similar grounds for comparable wishes, and we would have our front page
drowned in ads if we were to heed them.

What I would suggest is that you write up a short article about your
tour and your use of LilyPond, mention the Kickstarter campaign, and
publish the article in the next LilyPond Report.  You can then flaunt
that issue of the LilyPond Report to whatever music and/or computer news
sites you wish, and thus get a combined tour/LilyPond exposure to the
degree you find yourself willing on working on distribution.  I think it
should be possible to time the next issue in a manner where it
reasonably agrees with your tour dates.

David Kastrup

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