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Re: Lilypond patchy and other Lilypond problems

From: James
Subject: Re: Lilypond patchy and other Lilypond problems
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 01:51:57 +0100


> How much CPU time and memory would regtests consume?

Depends on how many CPUs you can allocate. You can run reg tests on 1
CPU or xCPUs. You explicitly state the number in your make command

'make -j7 CPU_COUNT=7' test will use 7 CPUs

'make test' just uses 1 CPU (even if you have more than 1)

7 CPUs on my desktop are at about 90-100% for approximately 10 minutes
for a reg test. RAM doesn't go much above 1.5GB.

1 CPU will be about 100% for 30 minutes (maybe more - depends on the
speed of the CPU).

Make doc takes a lot longer.

> How many times a day
> will they be run?

You can run them as many times as you like.

You need one reg test per patch-new tracker item.


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