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Re: issue 5307: Skyline Refinements (Rounded Boxes and Rotated Ellipses)

From: torsten . haemmerle
Subject: Re: issue 5307: Skyline Refinements (Rounded Boxes and Rotated Ellipses) (issue 341140043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2018 03:26:16 -0700

lily/ int quantization = max (0, (int)
(rounded *
(x_scale + y_scale) * radius * M_PI / QUANTIZATION_UNIT / 4));
[Please use a line length of at most 78 characters if possible.]
In the original coding, many lines exceed 78 characters (including the
one you mention here).
But you are right, of course, and I've wrapped some lines in my new
resp. changed coding.

Is `max' really the right operation here?  Or to ask differently: Does
negative value of `diameter' makes sense?  All other values on the
right side
are non-negative...

Or maybe the first argument of `max' should be 1, as in function
Oh, yes, of course.
That was a relic from earlier attempts and does not make too much sense,

I've now taken the quantization declaration in front of the "non-simple
box" coding,
omitted the superfluent max operation and *after* quantization has been
I set the radius value (to 0., if there's no quantization).
That way, an effective skyline radius of 0 will ensure that the straight
lines meet
in the corners and there is no need to draw "rounded" corners with a
quantization of 1.
In contrast to the ellipses, a box will still have an outline even with
sharp corners.


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