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Re: clusters: note spacing problem and other things

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: clusters: note spacing problem and other things
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001 13:22:45 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> >           {<a2. b2. c2. a2is.> ...}
> > 
> >           then the cluster is really badly 'computed'
> > 
> > is there a special feature for clusters?

Do you mean by `cluster' a specific chord (with pitches close to each
other), or just all pitches between two pitches?  We could make
special notation for the latter, eg:


(X = notehead).

Another option is to allow note-head flipping to be turned off, so the
noteheads form a big black blob.

> >         \context Staff = Cl1 {
> >             ...
> >         \context Staff = Cl2 {

> This possibility was removed some months ago to simplify the 
> frontend of the program. I miss it as much as you do.

This is not true.  Try

     \context Staff = "Cl1"


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