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Re: Multi-measure rests

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Multi-measure rests
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 23:20:31 +0100

> Lilypond 1.4.8:  When I use multi-measure rests, I get these funny little
> rests up until about 10 or so, then it goes to the long bar marking; for
> example, if I have "\time 2/4 R2*9", I get two narrow vertical lines
> spanning two spaces followed by a single whole rest, but if I have a
> subsequent "R2*15", I get a horizontal line coinciding with the central
> line on the staff, with two vertical lines connected to either end of it.
> I prefer the latter style to the former style; is there any way I can
> make Lilypond use that for all multi-measure rests longer than a single
> measure?

How to find the anwer yourself to such a question:

- Point your web browser to

- Click on Documentation:Manual

- Click on Index of internals:

- Scroll down til you find something that looks related, 
  how about MultiMeasureRest?

- Browse through the list of properties, 
  'expand-limit' looks interesting.

Try to add a property setting:
\property Staff.MultiMeasureRest \set #'expand-limit = #5 

> Additionally, the stuff I'm working on at the moment has cue notes in the
> middle of a multi-measure rest (which I'm implementing in a separate
> Voice context with \tiny); when type-set, the whole rest grobs from the
> multi-measure rest are not being displaced--they're appearing literally
> in the middle of my cue notes.  Is there any way to fiddle with this to
> get it readable?

As far as I know, there is no automated solution (except on the
the wish list). Take a look at input/test/
to find a manual solution (the staff-position should really be
included in the documentation, but seems to have been forgotten).


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