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Re: problem compiling lilypond

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: problem compiling lilypond
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 20:38:57 +0200
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Ben Crowell <address@hidden> writes:

>       Thanks for the quick reply! Hmm..., well Hello World in
> c++ does seem to work:
> address@hidden try]$ cat hello.c
> #include <iostream.h>
> void main(void){cout<<"Hello World!\n";}
> address@hidden try]$ g++ hello.c
> address@hidden try]$ a.out

Ok, good.  What happened when you added -lstdc++?

> It does not work, however, if I call the compiler with gcc rather than
> g++.

Then why are you using

> gcc      -o out/lilypond ./out/a2-engraver.o

gcc?  The configure script especially tries to find c++/g++.


> /usr/include/g++-3/iostream.h:106: undefined reference to `endl(ostream &)'

maybe you have two versions of gcc installed, but only one version of
g++?  Try changing CXX to g++ in config.make, do a 'make clean all'.


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