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Re: point and click

From: Simon Bailey
Subject: Re: point and click
Date: 16 Jul 2002 00:10:07 +0200


i tried the point and click mechanism today. it worked for me, after i
installed the latest xdvi package and found that the command for xemacs
in the .emacs file is:

(gnuserv-start) [not (gnuserve-start) as documented at

the beams and slurs are also not displayed on my system.

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 19:39, Rune Zedeler wrote:
> - point and click column position does not work.
> I have
> #(set! point-and-click line-column-location)

did you patch your emacs with the patches listed at ?

i haven't tried them, but i assume they work for the column location.
quote from the docs
The second one, that also specifies the column, only works if you have
patched your emacsclient and server, and have compiled your .ly
file using the line-column-location setting.

hope this helps,
Confucius say, man who live in glass house shower in basement.

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