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Re: \grace & paper11

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: \grace & paper11
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:54:17 +0200

Grace notes don't work in 11pt size, since there is no smaller
note size than 11pt to use for the grace notes. Your problems
are probably due to this limitation. 

An alternative if you really want a small note size, is to 
typeset the music for A3 paper and reduce the produced 
postscript, see the recent discussion about A5 paper in 
the list archives.


> hi all,
> 1.6.3 fresh from cvs this morning --> when using grace-notes (in a snare
> drum voice) in a score with paper11, i get the following errors:
> <<<
> /big-one/simon/music/band/auldlangsyne/parts/
> warning: flag stroke `ugrace' not found:
>                                 r8 sn r sn  r \grace {sn
>                                                         8} sn16 sn sn8
> sn | 
> /big-one/simon/music/band/auldlangsyne/parts/
> warning: flag `u3' not found:
>                                 r8 \grace {sn
>                                              8} sn16 sn sn8 sn sn sn r
> sn |
> >>>
> is there any way for a normal user like me to fix this?
> also, when i compile the score with all the parts (22 voices on 20
> staves) with the grace notes in the percussion part, lilypond crashes.
> when i remove the grace notes, lilypond runs (and the score is perfect).
> If i lessen the number of voices and staves, lily will run and produce
> the errors i mentioned above (the grace notes are in a \repeat unfold
> and \alternative).
> the same errors occur if i put a grace note in a "normal" voice -
> however it didn't crash lily. 
> if anybody needs the ly files to test this, i'll gladly send them.
> greetings,
> simon.
> -- 
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