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[OT] Terminology for Ternary Measures?

From: Alexandre Enkerli
Subject: [OT] Terminology for Ternary Measures?
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 14:16:16 -0400

Sorry for this off-topic question. It has to do with Beldon Dominello's "rhythmic oddity" and ternary measures. My formal music theory is far behind and it's not something I use regularly
It's not very important but I just want to check.

I thought that, at least in French, beats in ternary measures are named after the longer note values instead of their subdivisions, e.g. the four dotted quarter notes in a 12 8 are the four beats and the twelve eighth notes are subdivisions. So, we would supposedly say "quatre temps de noire pointée" instead of "douze temps de croches"...
Is this a language difference or am I just plain wrong?

Again, sorry for the OT-ness of this question.

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