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Re: Conditional expressions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Conditional expressions
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 11:25:49 +0100
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Dr A V Le Blanc wrote:
Well, I have only given simple examples.  Suppose I want the
midi file to have a different rhythm than the source, for example,
as is the case in some music styles.  In fact, I think my

     rptarg = "volta"
     \repeat \rptarg 2

method completely simple.  If I
submit a .ly score to the mutopia project, I am asked to explain
how to create the midi output instead of the source file.  Isn't
it simpler, from their point of view, if I tell them to change
one line, and all other changes follow?

If I wanted more significant differences between the printed and the
MIDI, I would probably use two separate \score definitions, one for
the paper output \score{ ... \paper{...}} and one of the MIDI output
\score{ ... \midi{...}}.

In the MIDI version, you can call the unfold-repeats function
(sorry about the misprint in my previous answer, the example file
is called input/regression/ You could also
have separate definitions for the different rhythmizations, for

  {\partA \partBplainRhythm \partC}

  {\partA \partBtripletRhythm \partC}

Of course, you can see these solutions as workarounds for the
conditionals you really ask for. When it comes to conditionals,
you can look up old discussions on the list where the main authors
of Lilypond very strongly argue that they will never include
conditionals in the input language. On the other hand, you can
still get them if you are good at programming Scheme.

Looking at the ottava example (input/test/, this seems
to have been done using centralCPosition, which doesn't seem to
be documented in 1.6.6, though I do notice the example is from
1.6.7.  If this doesn't produce the result, I don't understand
the example.

It is described in the documentation of the Rest_engraver and
Note_heads_engraver (How did I find out? Just use the Search
function on the web page!). See also the sections in the
reference manual on "Clef" and "Text spanners", respectively.
I don't known why it's not listed among the other properties.

(By the way, searching for 'unfolded-repeat' under Regression Tests
produces no result.)

Sorry, should be unfold-repeats.


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