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Re: Two questions (probably easy: Chords and rit.)

From: Dick Schoeller
Subject: Re: Two questions (probably easy: Chords and rit.)
Date: 26 Feb 2003 08:34:08 -0500


I won't touch the chords question.  I always hover over the manual
whenever I want to do something more than basic chords.

For the ritarando, I would use a \mark instead of a text object.  If you
are using 1.7.x you can use the new \markup syntax to select an italic
font.  It is much easier than the old syntax.

My scores contain, 2 variant copies of the global voice that is
mentioned in the tutorial.  One puts in breaks and marks.  So you put
the ritardando in here.  It is only used in \score blocks that are for
printed output.

The other has no breaks or marks but has \tempo changes where need to
match ritardandi, fermati, etc.  It is used only in \score blocks that
are for midi output.

If you combine the 2 global voices, then you get warnings that lilypond
is junking the tempo requests when doing the processing for printable

By doing the trick that I use, the generated midi's tempo reflects the

Is anyone else doing "fancy" tricks with their source to make the midi
output more correctly correspond to the score (or to how a piece would
typically be performed)?

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 18:27, Erwin Dieterich wrote:
> >From a beginner two easy (?) questions:
> 1) How get I a "rit." (for ritardando) in my score? Is there a standard
>      way or do I have to use _"rit." on some note?
> 2) Is it possible to get Chords in Jaz mode with a different bass
>      note (like C7/G or G/B)? I coudn't find it in the documentation?
> Thanks for your answers.
>  - Ewin
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