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Re: Upgrading

From: Milan M. Horák
Subject: Re: Upgrading
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 10:22:28 -0100
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Mats Bengtsson scripsit:

> You have to explicitly create separate Voice contexts for each
> line of music. Now, both sobran and alt end up in the same context
> and the \voiceTwo command overrides the \voiceOne command.
> ....
>                \notes <
>                  \context Voice=sopran {\voiceOne \sopran }
>                  \context Voice=alt {\voiceTwo \alt }
>                >

Thanks a lot, it works. I only wonder, why all these features had to be 
altered from the older to the newer version (in the older version my original 
source worked well).

Now, I have met the next problem: In the \cadenzaOn mode, the new version of 
LilyPond seems to omit all bars (usually, also such pieces have some bars, 
e.g. at the end of the line), and does not break lines, even if I explicitely 
use the \break command. (The both features have worked under the older 
version and none of them both has been changed by convert-ly).

       Milan Horak

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