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Re: odd request

From: David Bobroff
Subject: Re: odd request
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 14:41:38 +0000

>> I've got a tie going over a linebreak.  Lilypond diligently puts the
>> trailing end of the tie at the beginning of the next line.  In this
>> instance I don't want it there.  How to I hide the tie at the
>> beginning of a line?
>Assuming that the internals document doesn't suggest anything (I think
>you know how to check them by now, right?), I can think of two possible
>solutions: 1)  Use \break or \noBreak to avoid having a linebrek there.
>2)  Use a tie to an invisible note at the end of the bar:
><a1 {s2... ~ s32}>

The internals didn't offer me anything because I was thinking in terms of
slur/tie properties.  As for using \break or \noBreak; in this instance it
wasn't really an option.  In fact, I needed the break to occur where it
did.  It was a matter of using a tie within that beat, which worked.  One
going to the end of the measure actually went across the \break (this
measure wraps to the next line).  Sometimes it's a matter of framing the
problem differently.  Thanks Graham!

-David Bobroff

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