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Re[5]: Soon 1.8 release?

From: Jeremy
Subject: Re[5]: Soon 1.8 release?
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 23:16:15 +0200

>> GP> What version are you using?  I just tested it on a CVS version from 
>> 1.7.20,
>> GP> and it worked.  The grace notes appear at the beginning of the next bar,
>> GP> instead of at the end of their proper bar, but it _does_ compile.
>> On the current stable version, it did not compile. But from what
>> you're telling me, the result in 1.7.20 isn't much better anyway. I'm
>> going crazy about not being able to put graces at the end of bars,
>> because I'm copying a lot of 18th century music, where it is sooo very
>> recurrent, that it's a pain in my round one.

HWN> Do you have some scans for me? I've never seen graces at the end of
HWN> bars, save for the graces following a trill.

HWN> Getting grace notes right in various combinations is a lot of work, so
HWN> I don't really want to add \aftergrace as well, unless it is really
HWN> necessary.

Here (do you mind if this is a facsimile?):

The bass is a typical Alberti type bass, very common at the period
(18th century), which coincides with the apparitions and growing
popularity of the piano-forte. Using two graces after white, is a
very, very common effect.

Of course, that is not the only use of graces at the end of a
measure, but it is most accessible one, as I had the scans on my hard


Two other cases were graces are problematic are in the two excerpts
     In this one, I have a hard time believing the long unmeasured end
     phrase would look good in Lilypond at all.

     It is simply impossible to reproduce the second bass measure, in
     the bass part, without using a dirty hack with font size changes.



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