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Percussion staves

From: Antonio PALAMA'
Subject: Percussion staves
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 16:35:01 +0200
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I have a number of problems with percussion staff typesetting

i) If I use the technique suggetsd by the manual for percussion staves i.e.
    \apply #(drums->paper 'drums)       etc.

Then I am not able to specify other requests for the \paper context like e.g.
linewidth = 27.\cm

ii) I would like to typeset the percussion staff with a style that is widely used in italian concert band scores i.e.

- a single line staff with no symbol at the left end
- notes above the line are stemup, almost touch the line and are interpreted as snare drum notes - rests above the line are centered some 2.5 noteheads above the line so that 1/4 rests almost touch the stave - notes below the line are stemdown, almost touch the line and are interpreted as either bass drum or cymbals or both according to text markup
- rests below the line are treated similarly to rests above the line
- full measure rests that interest all the percussion voices lie below the line and touch it

iii) Another widely used style I would like to mimic is the following

- a 5 line staff with a bass clef
- 2nd space C is interpreted as bass drum or cymbals according to text markup
- 3rd space E is iterpreted as snare drum

Of course I am able to produce such a paper output but I would like to get the right midi output too, even when this staff is inserted into the full score. One temporary workaround would be to specify a silent midi instrument for the voices in this staff, and I don't know how to do it.

Well, these are a lot of questions; I'll be very grateful if someone will provide even partial answers.

Thank you for your help,


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