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Re: multiple time signatures

From: Jim
Subject: Re: multiple time signatures
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 23:23:45 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003 21:14:39 -0500, "David Hughes" wrote:
> Is LilyPond able to create multiple time signatures occurring
> at the same time on separate staves?

I have a similar problem that I've come close to solving.

I'm working on an arrangement of all the Brahms chorale preludes.  The
G. Henle edition, edited by Brahms scholar George Bozarth, prints "O
Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid", WoO7 (second version), with the cantus
firmus and pedal in common time but the left hand in 12/8.  Thus one
quarter note in the right hand is equal to three eights in the left

After many experiments, my current almost-solution is to let Lily
believe everything is in 4/4, overwrite the time signatures on a
couple of staves, and for those staves everything is \times 2/3 {}.

Now all I have to do is tell Lily not to print those long triple
 _______ 3 _________
|                   |

If someone could tell me how to do it that would be great.  If someone
could tell me where I should have looked to find this information,
that would be better.  Of course, if there's a better solution to this
then please don't keep it to yourself.

header {
    title = "O Traurigkeit, o Herzeleid"
global = {
    \time 4/4
    \skip 1*17 \bar "|."
    \partial 2
Key = \notes \key a \minor

ob = \notes\relative c'' {
    %2 beats in first bar, common time
    r4 e c8~b c4 b2 r2 r4 gis a a gis2 r2 r4 e' e e f e8~d d2 c
    %m. 7
    r2 b4 c d e d c b2 r2 a4 b! c d8 e  b2 a2~a r4 a'
    %m. 13
    f8~e f4 e2(~e2.~\times 2/3 {e8 d )cis}
    %m. 15
    d4(~\times 2/3 {d8 c! )b!} c4(~\times 2/3 {c8 bes! )a}
    %m. 16, 2 beats in last bar
    bes!4 \times 2/3 {r8 bes~ a} a4 gis a r
cues = \notes\relative c'' {
rh = \notes\relative c' {
    \property Staff.timeSignatureFraction = #'(12 . 8)
    \times 2/3 {r8 [gis a][b c d][e a, b][e g, a][e'( dis cis][dis b
    %m. 2
    [d b cis][d b cis][d c b][d e f][f g f][e d c][c b a][b c d]
    %m. 4
    [d e f][e a, b][e b c] e4 d8 [cis d e][g a bes][a e f][g c, d]
    %m. 6
    d4.~[d8 e f]~[f e d][e f g]~[g f e][f g a]~[a g f] e4 a8~
    %m. 8
    [a g f] e4 g8 f4. fis~[fis8 dis e][fis gis a][b dis, e][bes' dis,
    %m. 10
    a4. aes~[aes8 g c]~[c b a] a4. gis [a8 d,()dis] a4.~a2. r8 c d [e
f g]
    %m. 13
    [a d, e][a cis, d][a' gis fis][gis e fis][g e fis][g e fis][g f e]
    %m. 15
    [f8 e d] e4.~[e8 d c] d4.~[d8 c bes] c4.~[c8 b d]~[d c b]
    a4 r
lh = \notes\relative c {
    \property Staff.timeSignatureFraction = #'(12 . 8)
    \times 2/3 {r8 [e fis][g a b][cis fis, gis][a e fis] fis4( e8 [fis
dis )e]
    %m. 2
    [fis d e][f d e][f e d] f4 d'8 [c bes a][g f a] e4 fis8 [gis a b]
    %m. 4
    [b c d][gis, fis gis][a gis a] c b4 [a8 b cis][e f g] cis,4 d8
bes4 a8
    %m. 6
    [c b a] b4. g c4 e8 a,4. d4 f8~[f e d][c a c]~[c b a] g c4~[c8 ais
b]~[b gis a]~
    %m. 9
    [a fis gis][a b c] b4. cis~[cis8 cis d]~[d cis d] e4 c8 f4 e8
    %m. 11
    [f e d] \grace {e(} [)d e b] c4. r8 b()c dis,2. [e8 a b][cis d e]
    %m. 13
    [f b, cis][d a b] b4 a8 [b gis a][b g a][bes g a][bes a g] f4 a8~
    %m. 15
    [a g f] e4 g8~[g f e] d4 f8~[f e d] c4 e8~[e d f]~[f e d]
    cis4 r
ped = \notes\relative c {
    e2 a,4 a' b2 b4 a gis b, c d e2
    %m. 4
    r4 e fis gis a cis, d e8 f fis4 g c,!2 d g,4 a b c d dis
    %m. 9
    e2 gis4 g! fis f! e d8c d4 e fis,2~fis e4 a
    %m. 13
    %m. 13
    d, d' e2~e4 d cis d b c! a bes g a d, e a r
% This section is from a separate file common to
% (i.e. shared by) all the chorale preludes.
\paper {
    orientation = landscape
    interscoreline = 15.0\mm
    linewidth = 10.0 \in
    textheight = 106 * \staffspace
    pagenumber = no
\score {<
    \context Staff = Oboe <
        \context Staff \outputproperty #(make-type-checker
'staff-symbol-interface) #'staff-space =  #0.8
        \property Staff.instrument = "Oboe"
        \property Staff.instr = "ob"
        \property Staff.minimumVerticalExtent = #'(-4 . 4)
        \property Staff.fontSize = #-1
    \context PianoStaff <
        \property PianoStaff.instrument = "organ  "
        \property PianoStaff.instr = "org  "
        \context Staff = up <
        \context Staff = down <
            \clef bass
    \context Staff = pedal <
        \property Staff.minimumVerticalExtent = #'(-4 . 4)
        \clef bass

Coding and style hints gladly accepted.


Jim Van Horn
Seattle, WA

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