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Re: Project - Emacs mode extensions for LilyPond

From: Francois Pinard
Subject: Re: Project - Emacs mode extensions for LilyPond
Date: 30 Jul 2003 18:11:36 -0400
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[Nicolas Sceaux]

> Bonjour François,

Salut Nicolas!  Notre langue est de la musique pour mes yeux! :-)

> [1]

Wow!  Sounds quite interesting.  I'll surely take a closer look.  Thanks a
lot for providing this pointer.

> I am interested in whatever makes lilypond editing faster in Emacs.
> [...] if you can provide something more robust, with more features,
> or that makes me quicker for typesetting, I'll adopt it!

Exactly the same here -- I'm not especially pushing for my own solutions.

The only thing, maybe, is for the case I want to add something else;
I am then more comfortable with Python than Lisp.  You also are the
second person telling me good about EIEIO since yesterday (indirectly).
EIEIO seems to be an add-on for Emacs for something built in Python.

Your message is also very timely.  I just arrived in town, where I have
no MIDI equipment.  But I do have Timidity++, ALSA, and an audio card.
A minute before receiving your email, I was peeking around to find how one
could use Timidity as a server: and it seems you did it all already! :-)

François Pinard

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