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Re: guile 1.6.4, harakiri staves, lily 1.8

From: Simon G. P. Bailey
Subject: Re: guile 1.6.4, harakiri staves, lily 1.8
Date: 11 Aug 2003 14:56:12 +0200

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 13:19, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Yes, we will look at conversion to postfix syntax before it becomes
> mandatory (in 2.0).  It may need the user's attention, though.

ok. it was a fairly quick fix in emacs for the piece i was working on.

> > (also, convert-ly only converts up to 1.7.24 atm).
> LilyPond 1.8.0 converts up till 1.7.28; the last syntax change made.

understood. however, the \version statement at the beginning of the file
is not changed to 1.8.0 but to 1.7.28... i found this a little bit

> > a question: iirc, HaraKiriStaff context always left the full score in
> > the first system (in order to show all instruments, even if only one or
> > two are playing). has this been changed? 
> This would be desirable behaviour, but I doubt LilyPond ever did this.
> > of course my feeble memory may be tricking me here... :)
> It would be interesting to find out.  What lilypond version did you
> use before?  Do you have a test case?

i seem to remember reading about this behaviour in the 1.4 manual (which
is when i started using lily). i don't think i still have a score that i
generated with 1.4 left anywhere, otherwise i could check. 

it is in my memory that there was mention of [probably paraphrased]
"[...] orchestral scores often omit staves which contain only rests.
However all instruments are always shown in the first measure. Lilypond
does this with the HaraKiriStaff engraver [...]"

of course, my memory's a little bit flaky (damn beer after rehearsals
*g*), and it's almost a year ago now. i also didn't use HaraKiri in the
score i was working on back then for some reason (which i also cannot

if anybody has a manual from back in 1.4 lying around, it would be
interesting to see if it is actually in there... 

if not, then could it be included in 2.0 please? like you said,
desirable behaviour... :)


I have a very strange feeling about this...
                -- Luke Skywalker

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