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Re: notation project maintainence

From: Pedro Kroger
Subject: Re: notation project maintainence
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:45:43 -0300
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* Aaron (address@hidden) wrote:
> Ok lets say cvs is the tool.
> Is it also useful for working on a file together??

Indeed! The C in cvs stands for "concurrent". It keeps track of all
modification made in a file. It even can show what
modifications where made by whom in a give time, for example, this is
the output of the command "annotate":

Annotations for
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): #!/bin/sh
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): #
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): # script documenting fixes for flex-2.5.4 
and gcc-3.1
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): 
1.2          (jan      05-Jul-02): set -e
1.2          (jan      05-Jul-02): 
1.3          (janneke  30-Jul-03): FLEXLEXER=OK
1.3          (janneke  30-Jul-03): 
1.3          (janneke  30-Jul-03): if [ -z "$FLEXLEXER" ]; then
1.3          (janneke  30-Jul-03): 
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): includes="$HOME/usr/include 
/usr/local/include /usr/include"
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): 
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02): for i in $includes; do
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02):     file=$i/FlexLexer.h
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02):     if [ -f "$file" ]; then
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02):      break
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02):     else
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02):      file=
1.1          (jan      05-Jul-02):     fi

> Should he install cygwin to use cvs.
> I first thought about only giving him pdf output and having him write
> changes in emails, pretty akward though...
> I am most concerned about ease of use and a way to both work seperately
> and at the same time on a file.

I think cvs is the way to go. There is plenty of documentation and
tutorials on cvs for free in the web.
> I was wondering if there was something built for sound and midi or in
> the lists opinion is CVS the best tool out there??

humm, actually cvs doesn't work its best with binary formats (like wav
and midi files), but as far as ly files are concerned (i.e. text
files), cvs is the best.

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