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Re: Relative mode

From: Aaron
Subject: Re: Relative mode
Date: 23 Oct 2003 08:47:58 +0200

Well just to add more fuel to the fire.
I am curious how all this will the ability to analyse lilypond scores?

I like the flexibily of the various ways of entering notes, but mostly
want to know exactly whats happening.

The abc notation idea is that anything within a set octave will always
be same.

For me setting the octave or octaves of a piece seems the most logical.

Mats called this absolute mode, although I didn't see such a mode
mentioned in the docs.

If there was a way to define a range in advance it would be much cleaner
for me. This I guess presupposes a stlye of music I guess.

If this is relative or absolute mode I don't really care.

I would say that having clear modes would be most helpful. If absolute
mode is \transpose I would wish it became \absoulte.

And why is this worse or better than relative mode???

As per DA suggestion I personally dont change modes often, I would
rather or additionally like an option to add the octave or range to the
header \range a - a maybe using a2 - e3 or something like that

or a folksong mode 
with relative mode I find that the brackets are a bother and usually
waste a bit of time sorting them out especially if the come near second
endings in repeats.

In the meantime I will experiment with the absoulte mode idea of Mats
and see how it works...

my 2 cents.

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