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grace note, first note

From: Stan Sanderson
Subject: grace note, first note
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 13:48:06 -0600

New Lilypond user, four pieces coded, contributed to Mutopia.

I'm using v2.0.1, loaded through Fink on Mac )S 10.2.8.

I have a piano score which I'm trying to code. It begins with a grace note. The resulting output shows the effect (I'm presuming) of the grace note not being counted with the main note's value.

I've looked in the archives but haven't found an answer (at least one which i understand). I've tried a number of things, including adding a partial measure with spaces at the beginning. The bar line which accompanies this is aesthetically unappealing. I tried suppressing the bar line(s) but alignment was disrupted.

Is there a simple solution?

A brief sample follows:

\version "2.0.1"
\include ""
\include ""
Global = \notes {\key g\major \time 3/4}

TOP = \notes \relative c''  {
          <<  \scriptUp {  r4 a a} \\
             \scriptDown  { \grace cis,8 d2.} >>

BOT = \notes \relative c {
   r4 <d c'> <d c'>

\score {\notes {
        \context PianoStaff <<
                \context Staff = "up" <<
                        \Global \clef treble
                \context Voice=VoiceI \TOP
                \context Staff = "down" <<
                        \Global \clef bass
                        \context Voice=VoiceI \BOT
\paper { raggedright = ##t }




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