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Re: Lilypond website

From: chip
Subject: Re: Lilypond website
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 10:11:21 -0800
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Chip Zoller wrote:
I just ran across your software and decided to try it
out.  I like what people say and have been curious as
to music engraving for Linux.

I am using Lilypond on FreeBSD, it works great. My son uses Lilypond on XP (with cygwin), it works great there also. In the windows version he has to reload acrobat reader every time he views his piece, in *nix you just have to refresh the piece in the acrobat viewer, not reload the viewer, it's much quicker that way, on the *nix version.

Like I said, I am a
fan of open source software and Linux, but I can
assure you that no professional engraver will use
something that has to be engraved through a command

I've seen similar arguments used for html/web page design "no professional web page designer would create his pages in a plain text editor". Not true at all. If you want to get more work done more efficiently, and maybe even quicker, the cli (command line interface) or plain text editor, will always beat the point/click of mousing around the screen. Of course there is also the fact that the gui programs are slower to load and use becuase of the extra weight of the hundreds of 'features' that they are loaded with, and most average users never make use of.

I am looking forward to great advancement in
this program and will follow it closely.
Chip Zoller

I am just learning Lilypond, just installed it not more than a couple weeks ago, then my son followed me and installed it on his machine. I have been using Finale for the last year or so, my son has been use MidiSoft Studio. He's really enjoying learning a new 'programming language', which this is akin to.

I don't expect I'll be going back to Finale now that I am beginning to get a handle on Lilypond, plus it makes it much easier to make the move, compoletely away from the MS Windows mess. A music notation program was probably one of the last apps I didn't have in BSD.

This is great stuff, enjoy learning it.
Chip Wiegand

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