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Re: trio template

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: trio template
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 01:35:41 -0700
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Aaron wrote:

Hi all,
A favor from some kind soul.
I am notating a trio for oboe, viola and timpiani.

I have the oboe and viola parts completed, and am editing the timp.
I tried to make a score but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to get it right. I think where I am confused is where to put the header file(s) and the clefs and midi score blocks.

You need to have the "notes" in one (or more) file(s) which don't cause paper output and then have a file such as the following for each of the printed parts including the score. In this case I have which has all the notes defined in fluteI, fluteII, etc.: In addition to to produce the score I have to produce the Flute I part, etc.
fluteI = \notes{ ... }   %and
fluteII = \notes{ ... }  %etc
\include ""
\include ""

\score {
       \context StaffGroup <<
           \new Staff <<
               \property Staff.instrument = "Flute 1"
           \new Staff <<
               \property Staff.instrument = "Flute 2"
           \new Staff <<
               \property Staff.instrument = "Flute 3"
           \new Staff <<
               \property Staff.instrument = "Flute 4"
   \paper {
       papersize = "letter"
       indent = .4 \in
       \translator{ \RemoveEmptyStaffContext }

In your case you would have:

\include ""
\include ""
\include ""

at the beginning of and one each of the "notes" files at the beginning of,, and


Paul Scott

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