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Two staves SATB score and centered Lyrics

From: Alexandre B
Subject: Two staves SATB score and centered Lyrics
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 21:29:21 -0500
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Hi you LilyPond folks..

I'm trying to write lyrics for some Christmas songs.. but I'm sure there is a 
smarter way to do it than the way I did.

I have four music blocks (\soprano, \alto, \tenor and \basse) and I have four 
lyric blocks (\texteUn, \texteDeux, \texteTrois and \texteQuatre) .. 

Now the four text blocks are there just because I have 4 verses and I want 
them in the middle of the two staves. Also.. I want them all to be attached 
to the soprano, because the soprano determines the melody of the song.

NOw look at that ugly snippet in \score:

    \context ChoirStaff \notes <<
        \context Staff = staffUp {
                                \context Lyrics = lyricQuatre \texteQuatre
                            \context Lyrics = lyricTrois \texteTrois
                        \context Lyrics = lyricDeux \texteDeux
                    \context Lyrics = lyricUn \texteUn
                \alto >>
        \context Lyrics = lyricUn { }
        \context Lyrics = lyricDeux { }
        \context Lyrics = lyricTrois { }
        \context Lyrics = lyricQuatre { }
        \context Staff = staffDown { << \tenor \\ \basse >> }

That's the only way I could align all the four text blocks with the soprano 
while putting the lyrics in the middle of the two staves. There *must* be an 
alternative, isn't there ?! :)

thanks for your help

Alexandre Bourget

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