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Re: NoteEdit and LilyPond-2.x (ver 2)

From: Aaron
Subject: Re: NoteEdit and LilyPond-2.x (ver 2)
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 20:28:51 +0200
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Joerg Anders wrote:

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, [ISO-8859-15] José Luis Cruz wrote:

So i really don't know it has changed anything respect from previous
versions. I attach the lilypond conversion of example9.not, if someone
is intereseted could take a look at it.

Ok, I've changed it again. Try noteedit-2.3.5pre2.tgz  from

The "normal" music works. But as soon as trills, crescendo,
chordnames, pedal marks ... appear somthing goes wrong.
yes I need them:

a4 \(b c c |

d a b a \) |

two notes together:
<<d2 a2>>

for a start.

I couldn't get the previous one to compile on mandrake 9.2.


I'm afraid I have not the time to search in LilyPond
documentation for the new syntax of these signs. So I plan
to leave all as it is.
If sombody needs one of these signs: Please contact me and
explain to me exactly what's wrong. I'll fix this then.

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