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Re: example files (was "Re: SATB 2-staff template and request for sugges

From: Kieren Richard MacMillan
Subject: Re: example files (was "Re: SATB 2-staff template and request for suggestions")
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 17:30:15 -0500


Kieren, what you are suggesting definitely makes sense.  The more
examples the better, especially if they are written in a style and with
comments that make it easy to follow what you are doing with the lily
code and possibly why.

Well said!

My purpose was merely to point out that a resource exists
something along the lines of what you want.

And (though I didn't say it explicitly before) I appreciate being reintroduced to that wonderful resource -- it will certainly be a source of much guidance and, likely, the starting point for many of the examples that can/will be developed along the lines we're discussing.

my wife and I would be interested in contributing a complete lead sheet example.


However, we don't wish to place the composition in the public domain.
Is there a license other than a public domain one that we could use
and still allow free distribution of the lead sheet and the lily code?

Have you checked out the Creative Commons (<>)?
They have several licenses which may be pertinent/appropriate.

Best regards,

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