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Re: missing dots with merge-differently-dotted

From: donald_j_axel
Subject: Re: missing dots with merge-differently-dotted
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 04:54:48 +0100

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 00:18:56 +0100
Matthias Kilian <address@hidden> wrote:

> This will misplace the dotted g (stem-down) left of the chord
> (stem-up), with the dot running straight into the chord. Breitkopf &
> Härtel put it right of the chord.

I have made some experiments (Busoni2.png).

 \version "2.1.15"
 \score {
   \notes {
     \time 1/4
     \key d \minor
     \clef bass
     << <cis a cis'>4 \\ {g8. bes16} >>
%% try to reverse (example 2)
     << {g8. bes16} \\  <cis a  cis'>4  >>
   \paper { raggedmargin = ##t }


I have tried to move the noteColumn 

   \once \property Voice.NoteColumn \set #'horizontal-shift = #4 

but it seems to have no effect on this example. 
#4 would be four note-line-spaces which is very much and should be visible.
Ferenc Wagner helped me to use noteColumn, thank you very much, Feri!
I have tried to add Voice context so that property Voice was present for 
NoteColumn to work:

   \context Staff = somestaff {
      \context Voice = somename {



   \once \property Voice.NoteColumn \set #'horizontal-shift = #1

but it does not change the output ( and Busoni2a.png).

If I do not use the \stemUp and \stemDown directives then
lilypond issues warnings and clashes notes even more.

I think the noteColumn thing should work, I don't know why it
does not work here. 

I read the manual page for polyphony and there is a nice example
which I have elaborated a little, and it looks very nice 
probably because the crossing does not contain octaves such
as the Busoni example does.


donald_j_axel(at) --

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