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Re: My own wishlist...

From: Nick Busigin
Subject: Re: My own wishlist...
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 22:22:31 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004 address@hidden wrote:

> As an interesting meta-question, I always wondered in how far Lilypond
> users were software people, or at least, technically oriented people.
> Everytime I show my score to a musician, he/she
> finds them beautiful - and, as a matter of principle, I never use anything
> but Lilypond's default - and asks for more information about the software
> I use. Then, after showing Lilypond and its input format,
> depending on whether he/she is computer literate, I am told
> that I spend too much time with computers (which is obviously
> true) or that I come from a different planet altogether (which is
> perhaps true as well :-) )

I don't know how many responses you received, but here's my guess:  Most
LilyPond users are probably programmers or have programmer friends or
partners.  My wife and I are an example.  She is a gifted musician who
has recently learned how to use LilyPond for typesetting her choral
arrangements, piano works and also for producing jazz lead-sheets.  The
way we work is as follows:  I set up a template file for her to work
with, complete with macros for a number of tweaks and she enters the
music and lyrics. If she runs into a problem, she calls me and I
determine if it's a bug or something that needs a tweak she isn't
familiar with.  The process works quite well and we are both very
impressed with the quality of the typeset music. 


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