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Re: ess-tset again

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: ess-tset again
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 10:08:21 +0100
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I think I understand now what's going on.
Isn't it that you in normal LaTeX with german babel write
"s (without any backslash) to get the ess-tset?
In text markups, some characters have to be escaped, for example
you have to write \\ to get a single \ in the generated output,
\" to get a " and so on (one reason is that " is used to indicate
the end of the text script). In lyrics, the syntax is slightly
different and these extra backslashes should not be used.

So, (I haven't tried this, but am quite confident that it's correct),
if you use lilypond-book on a LaTeX file with german babel you should
use "s in the lyrics and \"s in the text scripts to get your desired
symbol. However, as I wrote in my previous answer, if you also add
and make sure NOT to have
in your file header, then also ß in the input should work fine
(which is a simpler solution).


David Bobroff wrote:
I actually though the standard way to obtain an ess-tset in LaTeX
was \ss, it may be that the german babel adds the option to specify
it as \"s. Anyway, '\ss{}' should work well in lyrics both with
lilypond and with lilypond-book+HTML or whatever.

It is as far as I know.  When I tried it I got odd results.  I may not have
tried it without [german].  I'll have to try.  The [german] option does add
\"s = ess-tset and it works in \markup with the [german] option, but not in
lyrics.  *That's* what had me puzzled.  Evidently, LilyPond does something
different with lyrics than it does with text markup.  For the moment I've
added a line to my script to have sed run through all the *.tex files and
change a real ess-tset to "s which is what the \"s gets changed to in \markup.


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