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heißen Re: ess-tset again

From: Roland Goretzki
Subject: heißen Re: ess-tset again
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 05:58:18 +0100
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Hello list, hello David,

You wrote:
> In this instance the word is "heissen" (with ess-tset, of course). 
> Should it be "heiss - en" or "hei - ssen"?  Or does the ess-tset get
> broken up thusly: "heis - sen"?  I know just enough about German to be
> completely unsure.

AFAIK the second form is correct:

Ich habe früher Schroeder gehei-
ßen, nicht Goretzki.

(Ich habe früher Schroeder gehei-
ssen, nicht Goretzki.)

The sence is: "My name is ..." = "Ich heiße (heisse) ..."
Is this right?

I looked it up in the

    DUDEN Deutsches Universal Wörterbuch
    Mannheim, 1983

in the old form (the new form is no form ;-).

Best regards            Roland

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