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Re: adding lyrics is baffling to me...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: adding lyrics is baffling to me...
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 10:50:31 +0100
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The solution most people use is to use \addlyrics,
see the section on "Printing lyrics" in the Tutorial.

If you want to explicitly specify the duration of the lyrics syllables,
one option is to let the duration of the syllable include both the
duration of the note and the following rest. For example, to match
c4 r2, you could have the syllable "long2.". Another option is to
use the \skip command, which works both in music and in lyrics.

For the final bar, just add the final bar line manually and
finish the piece where you want it to finish:
a4.~ a4 \bar "|."


address@hidden wrote:
Hi everyone,

I need help with lyrics.  I am using version 2.1.0-2 in Debian Sarge
(testing) and my lyrics are not lining up under notes.  I need to know
how to install spaces in lyrics where there are rests.

I have:

\paper { indent = 1.0 }
\score  { <<

\context ChordNames \chords { r2. a2. e2. e2. a2. d2. a2. e2. a2. }
\new Staff \notes { \clef bass \key a \major \time 6/8
\partial 8*1 e8 | a a a a gis fis gis4. r4 e8
b b b b a b a4. r4 a8
d' d' d' fis4 d'8 cis'4 b8 b8 a4 a8
b4 a8 gis4 gis8 a4.~a4 r8}

\context Lyrics \lyrics {
On8 Mon8--day8 I8 went8 to8 my8 home, And8
there8 I8 was8 paint8-ed8 in8 blue. I8
sang8 a8 nice8 song4, the8 whole4 day8 long4, And8
it4 was8 called4 '____'.}


It is the rests that seem to get words even though I don't want that.

Also, there is a pickup note at the beginning of the piece, how do I set
the final bar as having 5 of the 6 eight notes?

Thanks for any help.  Maybe direction to documentation for my version of
lilypond would be best.  I have some on my machine but the web site has
differing docs.

All the best,


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