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Lilypond-book and different versions of Lilypond

From: Bostjan Kuzman
Subject: Lilypond-book and different versions of Lilypond
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 15:18:10 +0100

I'm writing something like a book of cello exercises, with a lot of
short music fragments and some text.
I find a combination of LaTeX and Lilypond-book a perfect tool for my
work, at least in theory. 
However, there are some problems in practice.
Using Lilypond version 2.0.1 with Fedora Core 1 Linux, I have produced
more than 200 pages of output so far.
It looks quite nice, but not perfect, as you can see from this sample: .
Beside the fact that the default staff size is a bit small, there are
two very bothering things:
- unacceptable collision among fingering marks and slurs
- wrong font for fingering marks in smaller staffs.
I knew 2.1.x versions improved Lilypond's output in several ways, but as
my files might be incompatible, I hesitated to update my Lily at first. 
Now I've installed the latest Lilypond 2.1.28 Cygwin package in Windows,
keeping the untouched 2.0.1 version running in Linux.
Of course, when I tried to process my files with the new version, there
were many problems. For instance, lilypond-book send many compatibility
warnings and even stopped in the middle of processing longer files (was
this a cygwin or a lilypond problem?). Finally I've isolated the same
sample page as before. After succesful lily-book processing, I ignored
some errors at latex processing to get
You can see in the new sample:
- the default staff size is bigger (and actualy looks much better),
- fingering marks have proper font in all staves (which is also good),
- some linebreaks got lost (which is bad, but can probably be easily
- width of fragments is totally wrong (why?),
- the collision among fingering marks and slurs isn't any better as
The questions I have are the following:
- Was the "wrong font for fingering in small staff sizes" just a 2.0.1
bug, which is now fixed?
- Is there a way to avoid the collision among fingering marks and slurs?
Does it depend on version I use? 
- I know it is possible to tell lilypond to process .ly files as version
2.0.1. Can I also tell lilypond-book to process everything in a file as
2.0.1 version, and get the same output as before?
- Were the errors in latex processing caused because of incompatibility
of Linux and Cygwin TeTeX packages, or is something wrong with
If anyone wants to play around with the input file to suggest me some
other improvements, here is .
With regards from Slovenia, 
Bostjan Kuzman

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