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Re: quoted text in lyric

From: Stan Sanderson
Subject: Re: quoted text in lyric
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 09:06:30 -0600


Thank you for your response. I'm sorry I didn't mention version (2.1.32) and platform (OS 10.3).

I also failed to correctly describe what I was using to obtain the quotation marks. As mentioned in the manual (at least as I understand it), one needs to use an underscore to start a quoted word or phrase so I used _"text of song" to obtain the result I described ( <ending quote>text of song<ending quote>).

A snapshot of the result is attached below showing the start of the quotation (obtained using _"Do they ...). The quotation marks at the end of the phrase are typeset correctly.

Trying either "text of song" or "\"text of song\"" results in the entire passage being treated as one syllable.

I would prefer to have a smart (curved) quote beginning quotation mark at the start, but would settle for straight (vertical) marks at the beginning and end. I suppose I could simply not use quotes, but I'm trying to be faithful to the original.

Again, suggestions are welcome.


On Mar 26, 2004, at 4:04 AM, Mats Bengtsson wrote:

The LaTeX syntax for a double quote is ''quoted text``, at least
to typeset the quotes according to English typesetting standards.
So, one solution for you is to simply write
''the quot- ed text``

In order to convince LilyPond to pass a double quote in lyrics into
the generated LaTeX file, you have to say "\"text\"".


Stan Sanderson wrote:
A phrase in a lyric is quoted. Lilypond interprets "text" to have two ending (smart) quotes rather than
a) a beginning quote, text, an ending quote (which is preferred) or,
b) plain straight quotes.
I tried using backslashes \"text\" but got the same results.
I didn't find an answer in the archives- I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
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