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Little Problems

From: Stefan Krieger
Subject: Little Problems
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 01:37:37 +0200

Hello there,

I'm using Lilypond ver. 2.2.0 under Windows XP. After a few problems at
installing I am now working with Lilypond and it works well.

But I have some little problems:

1) In the created pdf-file is always a little "1" in the upper right
corner of the page. How can I prevent this???

2) In the text (lyrics) is a "ΓΌ". In the pdf-file it is printed
correctly, but at the compiling comes always a warning, that the program
can't find the ascii 252 character. Is this a problem or can I ignore
the warning???

3) In the lyrics is a word "Haff" with a double "f". With the standard
font and many other fonts, in the pdf-file occurs a symbol for the
double ff. It seems, that Lilypond reads the ff as a hexcode for an
ascii-character. But why???

4) I want to create a midi-file parallel to the paper-print. Therefor I
need to unfold the repeat. Can I hide the unfolded repeated part in any

5) Can I get another music instrument for the midi output then the grand
piano (with Staff.midiInstrument = "acoustic guitar" for example)???

Perhaps you can help me with some questions, especially with the first

I would like to thank you for your effort.

Best wishes,

Stefan Krieger (from Germany)

P.S.: Lilypond is really a great program and I am amazed again and
again, how complexe, varied and efficient the program is!!!

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