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On using midi2ly

From: Dave Phillips
Subject: On using midi2ly
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 19:38:47 -0400
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 Some suggestions for the docs on midi2ly:

1) The utility will work as advertised *if* you use Type 1 MIDI files. Type 0 files put all data into a single track, so unless you're rendering monophonic music you probably want to be using Type 1 files.

2) Multiple tracks in a sequence should be given the same MIDI channel. If you use separate channels per track midi2ly will create an LY file that will render only the first track.

3) Quantizing start-times and durations should be recommended. This relates to the notes regarding the transcription of a MIDI recording of a performance. I realize it can be done via the utility, but a sequencer gives better visual feedback.

4) Overlapping notes in an arpeggio will not be correctly rendered. The first note will be read and the others will be ignored. Set them all to a single duration and add phrase markings or pedal indicators.

Forgive me if these issues are already well-known. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards,


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