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Re: Band parts - a newbie's view

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Band parts - a newbie's view
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 13:44:54 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:
> address@hidden writes:
> > Two other annoyances (and in my mind they're UI blunders ...). 
> > Practically every piece of music I've played that has letter rehearsal 
> > marks DOES use the letter I. It's fine to have a default that doesn't, 
> you have a point there.  The first part I checked this in (old B&H)
> does have the letter I, but lacks the letter J. Can anyone provide
> useful statistics? We're looking for the layout of classical
> orchestral material.

I don't play in an orchestra. Just a concert and a couple of brass bands :-)

What I would do (and will if I can) is allow the user to pass a list of marks 
to use. That way we don't restrict them to the latin-1 alphabet if, for 
example, they want to use the alphabet that goes "a beta gamma delta e phi ..." 
> > The other is, if I ask for a time signature of 3/4, that's what I get. 
> > Or 9/8. Or 6/8. Or 5/4 or almost anything. But if I ask for 2/2 or 4/4, 
> > then that's what I DON'T get. Bad bad bad! If I want common or 
> > cut-common, then I should be able to ask for that directly. And in my 
> > experience 4/4 and common are not the same thing - I often play pieces 
> > that have both ...
> Interesting; what is the difference between C and 4/4? 

This is a complete off-the-wall guess ...

but I'm guessing that common time is often the only or main time signature in a 
piece, and tends to be used for march tempo. I haven't got a march book in 
front of me to check, but I think they tend to be 6/8 or common (or cut common).

Dance or orchestral stuff feels more "4/4" to me.

In other words, given a *homogenous* piece, you can't mix common time with bars 
with an odd number of beats. Which explains why the main place I tend to meet 
both common and 4/4 time in the same piece is in a selection piece.
> > Have any of these points been addressed post 2.2.2? And if not, where 
> > and how do I go about "fixing" them?
> 2.2 is only open for serious problems for which there are no
> work-arounds. Try the 2.3.x branch, which is open for development.
I presume, then, I need to download the source and start programming in C++ and 
python. Fine. This sort of stuff is not in the Scheme directory included as 
part of the user install?


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