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Re: pagebreak one line too early

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: pagebreak one line too early
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:55:40 -0700

I just tried Mats' example in 2.3.11, and it worked (with and without
commenting that line).  I tried an example of mine that hadn't been
working, and it also worked.  This prompted some more investigation.

\pageBreak appears to work perfectly within lilypond (ie "lilypond"),
but it fails in lilypond-book.  Inside lilypond-book, it appears to
create a newline without forcing a new page. The music proceeds onto the
next page when it would normally do so.  In most cases, we've placed the
pagebreak that's within one or two lines from the bottom of the page,
but while I was investigating this, I accidentally placed the \pageBreak
about 8 lines from the bottom of the page; it produced the \Break and
then had 8 more lines before the new page.

The following file demonstrates this; save Mats' example as

\usepackage[lmargin=1.5cm,rmargin=1.5cm,bmargin=1.5cm,tmargin=2.0cm,nofo ot,bindingoffset=0.5cm]{geom

(the margins are set to ensure that the music would all fit onto one
page if it didn't have any pagebreaks)

- Graham

On 10-Aug-04, at 3:46 AM, Mats Bengtsson wrote:

I made some experiments and the result seems somewhat random.

The following example shows the behaviour reported by Corinna.
\version "2.2.5"
\score{\notes\relative c'{
  \repeat unfold 5 {c4 d e f g f e d c1 }
% Commenting the next line gives correct behaviour!!!
  \repeat unfold 5 {c4 d e f g f e d c1 }
  c2 e g e^"Page break here!" \newpage
  \repeat unfold 10 {c4 d e f g f e d c1} \newpage


However, if you comment out the indicated line, it works as it


address@hidden wrote:
Hello, all!
I am typesetting the Mendelssohn octet for Project Gutenberg
and I have a problem with forced pagebreaks. \newpage at the bar line where I want a page break induces the appropriate line break, but a page break
only after the NEXT line.
I am using lilypond 2.2 on cygwin.
Thanks for your help

        Mats Bengtsson
        Signal Processing
        Signals, Sensors and Systems
        Royal Institute of Technology
        SE-100 44  STOCKHOLM
        Phone: (+46) 8 790 8463                         
        Fax:   (+46) 8 790 7260
        Email: address@hidden

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