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Some random lilypond questions

From: Benjamin Esham
Subject: Some random lilypond questions
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 22:39:04 -0400

I have a bunch of mostly unrelated questions about lilypond.  Any
responses to any of these items would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

- In concert band music, multi-measure rests always appear as a thick
horizontal bar with vertical flares at each end-- for an example of this,
see the 17-measure rest in the "Multi measure rests" section in the
documentation.  Is it possible to force lilypond to always use this kind
of rest, regardless of the length of the rest?

- Are there any plans to make text markups "smarter" with regards to
collisions? In a score I typeset recently, about half of the text markups
collided with something or other.  Will these just have to be tweaked by
hand, or will markups eventually get smarter?

- Can a \sffz dynamic command be added?  One can make this using text
markups, but it seems like the "real" dynamic markings are more
horizontally centered on the notes than the markups.

- What is the "preferred" way to organize a .ly file containing more than
one \score (e.g., multiple movements)?  I'm using this right now, but I
wanted to see if there was some kind of preferred way of doing it.

\header {...}
\book {
    \score {
        \header {...} % stuff specific to this movement
        \new Staff {
            % notes go here
    % more \scores go here
    \bookpaper {...}
    \paper {...}

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address@hidden      }      AIM: bdesham 1 2 8
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