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Re: Some random lilypond questions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Some random lilypond questions
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 17:37:57 +0200
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Sorry, you have to set the property in the Staff context,
not in the Voice context, since the
Multi_measure_rest_engraver lives in the Staff context:

\override Staff.MultiMeasureRest #'expand-limit = #1


Benjamin Esham wrote:
On Aug 11, 2004, at 4:04 AM, Mats Bengtsson wrote:

To see what I'm talking about, take a look at the first example image in the "Multi measure rests" section of the user manual. The 17-measure rest is as I described it above, while the 4-measure rest is displayed differently. I'm trying to get all of the multi-measure rests to be displayed like the 17- measure example (as I said, this seems to be the standard in every concert
band piece I've seen).

If you look at the section on Multimeasure rests in the on-line manual
and look at the end of the page, you will find a link to the detailed
program reference for the MultiMeasureRest object. In the list of
properties that can be set, you can find one called expand-limit,
which you can set to a lower value, for example
\override MultiMeasureRest #'expand-limit = #1

A hint about this property can also be found in the example in the Regression Tests document (which
is an invaluable source of examples and information, together
with the Tips and Tricks document).

I looked at the documentation for the MultiMeasureRest object, as well as, but the only thing I found was what you gave me:
  \override MultiMeasureRest #'expand-limit = #1
and that didn't seem to work (I tried values of #2 and #3).  There didn't
seem to be any difference-- the >10 measure rests were printed as church
rests, and the smaller ones were printed as breve rests.

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