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Re: Manual section: templates (mostly piano)

From: Robinson P. Tryon 03
Subject: Re: Manual section: templates (mostly piano)
Date: 30 Aug 2004 00:19:22 EDT

I'm relatively new to using lilypond.  I've struggled with the syntax and have
had problems finding clear documentation for certain types of markup.

The wiki seems like a great place for people to contribute documentation that
can then be tidied up by Graham Percival (or whoever) and folded into the
regular docs, but unfortunately it seems like there's hardly any documentation

I'd like to suggest that we more actively use the wiki to document problems we
face (and hopefully solve).  Poking through the primary documentation to see the
same minimal descriptions of components or formatting can be quite frustrating.

I'm not sure if it's possible, but it would be great to have a link on the
documentation page for "Lyrics" that would go directly to a search of all wiki
pages on the topic of "Lyrics" (or perhaps that contain that word in their

The page of templates is VERY helpful.  I've been using pages from the Mutopia
project to figure out how to implement certain types of formatting, especially
when I didn't understand or couldn't find decipherable documentation.  I'm not
sure if it's possible to link lilypond docs or the wiki to their stuff (some
kind of PermaLink would be prudent), but at least the docs that are public
domain could be copied in part or full into our documentation.

-- R

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